YAOLAND metaverse platform

Capitalising on the popularity and great potential of metaverse ecosystems in the China market, Pico subsidiary Shanghai Pixels Information Technology Co., Ltd. (‘Pico’), as a founder-strategic investor, joined 263 Network Communications Co., Ltd. (‘Net263 Ltd.’) and Shanghai Wocheng Information Technology Limited (‘China Unicom’s subsidiary Shanghai Wocheng’) to launch YAOLAND, a new HTML5 metaverse platform, in July 2022. Designed to be suitable for brands in all industries, it is a cost-effective, immersive gamified virtual marketing platform requiring no downloads to use.



Pico’s digital expertise and experience were key drivers in YAOLAND’s development. The immersive 3D platform enables users to create digital avatars, explore different activation experiences and stories, collect NFTs and participate in activities involving VR, games, socialising/networking and online-offline hybrid shopping. It also allows creative products to extend their reach through digital and blockchain technologies. Ultimately, YAOLAND will build a new landscape through a 5G metaverse platform combining virtual entertainment and commerce, creating a comprehensive digital consumption pattern.


HTML5 lightweight platform
YAOLAND’s advanced data-driven framework combines a WEBGL 3D real-time engine and gaming program. As it runs a size-reducing optimisation tool, the immersive HTML5 platform YAOLAND supports smooth, stable real-time communication between multiple parties. It also allows YAOLAND to overcome the limited storage and performance of mobile devices, and be compatible with PCs, smartphones and other mobile devices, providing a flexible metaverse platform to meet brands’ diverse marketing demands.

Personalised interactions and experiences
Users create their own digital avatars with personalisation options ranging from general appearance to clothing, movement and even persona. Through their avatars, users can interact with others and with brands in real time, and experience immersive gamified activities involving cultural tourism, entertainment, socialising and shopping. Traditional business events such as product showcases, launches and promotions can all be held on the YAOLAND platform, providing effective, flexible 24/7 metaverse marketing services and connecting brands with users from around the world.

Immersive 3D entertainment
YAOLAND’s comprehensive gamified 3D interactive platform features two distinct modes: in ‘main campaign’, players can win ‘YAO coins’ and other bonuses such as virtual fashion items by participating in games, missions and forums such as ‘treasure hunter explorations’ and ‘MILEs space’. In ‘side islands’ mode, players can unlock more missions and explore brands’ proprietary universes for immersive adventures and brand stories. Players can also build and share their own personalised space with other players to showcase their NFT collections.

A further highlight is ‘Hydeout: The Prelude’, a digital music entertainment platform with Pico as official consultant and digital provider. This ground-breaking electronic music festival has joined the metaverse platform to stream its diverse entertainment experience, combining music and digital technology, and opportunities to dance, vibe and interact with other player avatars.

Diverse, reliable NFT platform
Based on blockchain technology co-developed with China Unicom and an NFT platform developed by Pico, YAOLAND provides a safe and reliable means of purchasing and collecting NFTs. YAOLAND encompasses both the new style of NFTs and traditional art piece digital derivatives, and has already attracted an array of famed museums and artists. The National Gallery in the UK, for example, has established an immersive showroom and launched 12 NFT art collections derived from its physical collections.

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