Pico Hong Kong recognised as a ‘Mental Health Friendly Organization’

Pico Hong Kong has been recognised as a ‘Mental Health Friendly Organization’ in the Mental Health Workplace Charter. Part of the ongoing ‘Shall We Talk’ mental health promotion and public education campaign, the Charter is a joint effort of the Department of Health, Labour Department and Occupational Safety and Health Council.

Pico has long aimed at building an inclusive mental health-friendly workplace. Pico Hong Kong sets a good example by consistently listening to, communicating with and supporting employees through engagement activities such as ‘Talk Friday’ events.

The Charter aims to enhance public understanding of mental health and encourages private organizations, public bodies, educational institutions and non-governmental organizations to take action and show care to employees. As well as promoting mental well-being at work – including a respectful and positive environment – the Charter advocates active listening and communication by encouraging help-seeking, early identification of mental distress, and timely treatment. It also strives to create inclusive and friendly workplace environments for those suffering mental distress.

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