Four Pico-activated pavilions win at EXHIBITOR Magazine’s World Expo 2020 Awards

Pico activations at Expo 2020 Dubai were favourites at EXHIBITOR Magazine’s World Expo 2020 Awards, with the Brazil, Czech Republic, Malaysia and Peru pavilions all winning recognitions.

The winners were:

People’s Choice Awards

  • Winner: Peru Pavilion

Best Elements/Details (Exterior Membrane)

  • Honourable Mention: Brazil Pavilion

Best Use of Technology (SAWER System)

  • Honourable Mention: Czech Republic Pavilion

Best Sustainable Design

  • Honourable Mention: Malaysia Pavilion

Each of the pavilions included some of the most unique and acclaimed features seen at the Expo. The Brazil Pavilion, for example, featured a ‘water floor’ and all-round projections which immersed visitors into an Amazon rainforest experience. Pico was responsible for the pavilion’s construction and day-to-day operations.

The Czech Republic Pavilion amazed visitors with innovative sustainable technologies such as a ‘Solar Air Water Earth Resource System’ whose distinctive overhead pipes extract moisture from the air to transform desert into fertile land. Pico delivered façade work, interior fit-out and landscaping services to activate the pavilion’s inspiring ‘Czech Spring’ theme.

Themed ‘Energising Sustainability’, the Malaysia Pavilion was a net-zero carbon initiative whose exterior portrayed a treehouse. Pico provided main building construction, civil engineering works, mechanical and engineering works and landscaping.

The Peru Pavilion took visitors on a journey through the country’s cultural diversity, wealth and ancient wisdom. Pico’s contribution to its activation included storytelling, content development and production, exhibition design and production, construction, maintenance and operational services.

“Pico congratulates all winners at EXHIBITOR Magazine’s World Expo 2020 Awards. Through our own pavilion work, we were honoured to contribute to the success of such a significant event. Expo 2020 Dubai paves the way for more large-scale events during the pandemic, and its protocols, technologies and techniques will be further developed to make subsequent large-scale events ‘future ready’. As a leading partner in World Expos for over 30 years, Pico takes great pride in its contributions to Expo 2020 Dubai, including its winning pavilions.”
-Pico's Expo 2020 Dubai project team

EXHIBITOR Magazine’s World Expo Awards honoured the most impressive work from Expo 2020 in Dubai, throwing a spotlight on the best and most innovative pavilions there.

See the full list of winners here: