Good Neighbor Crew’s Bobblehead You!

State Farm Good Neighbor Crew's Bobblehead YOU! was a community-engaging tour aimed at bolstering relationships between State Farm agents and customers. The goal was to not only create an interactive setting that would generate brand awareness, but also provide a platform for agents to connect with potential and current customers, leading to the generation of high-quality leads.

Infinity Marketing Team (IMT), a member of the Pico Group, was appointed by State Farm to spearhead the entire process of bringing the concept to life. Responsibilities spanned a wide range, including strategy and concept development, creative design, show and innovation development, production, fabrication, talent sourcing/staffing, contract negotiation and management, and event/activation execution.



The novelty of the Bobblehead YOU! experience was identified as key to fostering personal interactions in the community. It was important to create an environment that seamlessly blended into the concept of ‘good neighbours’, appealing to target audiences at a variety of events and in a variety of genres. The strategy was to create a journey with multiple touchpoints for customers – from registration to receiving a personalised bobblehead – all while interacting with agents and brand ambassadors.


The solution involved the creation of a ‘Bobblehead House’, a stand-out structure designed to attract guests and encourage participation. Interactive and engaging, it offered guests the chance to have their photos taken, printed and placed onto one of 14 bobblehead options. The characters were strategically selected to be relevant at any location and event, including wedding expos, football games, motor shows, and more.

The use of handheld tablets during registration maximised throughput and opt-in rate, providing agents with a unique opportunity to engage with guests. As an enhanced personal touch, each guest left with their bobblehead in a custom State Farm box along with a business card from their local State Farm agent. Agents could also create customised social media graphics with bobblehead images of themselves, which they could share to invite guests to upcoming events. This approach further emphasised the personal connection between agents and customers.

The interactive nature of the events and the personal touch added by the custom bobbleheads contributed significantly to the success of the tour, leading to a memorable experience for guests and successful lead generation for agents.


The tour exceeded expectations, extending to 949 event days and engaging with over 18.5 million attendees. It generated over 121,000 leads with an average opt-in rate of 77%, far surpassing the anticipated lead count.