Earth Hour is just the start

At 8:30pm local time on 19 March, lights went out around the planet as millions of people in a record 178 countries celebrated the tenth Earth Hour. The Pico Group fully supported this landmark environmental event, mobilising nearly 50 Pico offices and Group subsidiaries over 40 major cities around the world.

Not only did our offices and affiliates enthusiastically share Earth Hour social messages about climate change and diligently turn off all non-essential lights during the hour itself; they also made commitments to 'go beyond the hour’ and continue the spirit of Earth Hour by adopting energy-saving measures during their daily office routines.

Climate change is becoming an increasingly urgent global issue, with the impacts already being felt in different corners of our planet. Pico is proud that our people are actively taking steps to become part of the solution to this pressing problem. Here are just a few of the pledges made by our offices around the world…

“We turn all our lights out during lunch time. After office hours, security guards mount patrols to ensure that non-essential lights have been switched off. Our staff are highly energy-saving savvy, and only switch on the lights and air-conditioning for their own work zones.”
-Pico Beijing

“We propose asking all Hong Kong staff to switch off unnecessary lights when they leave the office before the weekend, and turning off all monitors/modems/chargers etc. to continue to support WWF’s Earth Hour.”
-Pico Hong Kong

“We turn off the power on the last Tuesday of every month, from 8.30pm to 9.30pm, and on the third Saturday of the month we switch off the central aircon from 9am to 6pm. We will review our electricity consumption and hopefully see a reduction in the meter reading.”
-Pico Singapore

“Our staff are well-trained to be conscious about reducing carbon emissions. The lights in our meeting rooms, aisles, and storage areas are always powered off while not in use. The last associate to leave the office every day checks the whole area again to make sure all power and electric systems are shut down.”
-Pico Taiwan

Small steps can make big changes to our planet!

This global action collectively taken by Pico’s offices and subsidiaries around the world marks another milestone for Pico Global Care in Action, Pico’s corporate social responsibility commitment.